You can find on this page the Melbourne Bus Tour map to print and to download in PDF. The Melbourne sightseeing bus map presents the tourist buses "Hop On Hop Off" and "Big Bus" of Melbourne in Victoria - Australia.

Melbourne Hop On Hop Off map

Map of Melbourne Hop On Hop Off

The Hop On Hop Off Melbourne map shows all routes of the tourist bus of Melbourne. This map of Melbourne Hop On Hop Off will allow you to visit the most emblematic monuments of Melbourne in Victoria - Australia. The map of Melbourne Hop On Hop Off is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Board this Hop-on Hop-off Bus to see Melbourne on your own terms. The Melbourne Hop On Hop Off tour allows for a flexible experience of the city while making sure you do not miss any of the sights. You can choose between a 24 and a 48-hour ticket, whichever suits your schedule as its shown in Melbourne Hop On Hop Off map. The interconnected routes show you the city major attractions, bustling laneways, cafes and beaches. You may simply hop on and off at the stops and visit places of your choice. An informative audio commentary is available onboard in English. Discover the beauty of Melbourne, ‘The Garden City’, at your own pace.

Melbourne is a must-see city with a variety of landmarks and things to do. Check out these 3 top destinations to hop off at. First off is Chinatown - take the Red Line and hop off at bus stop 12 as you can see in Melbourne Hop On Hop Off map. Full of bright colours and a great atmosphere, it is definitely a place not to miss. Again, on the Red Line, at bus stop 13 you will find the Cathedral, a grand church built in the 19th century. If you are looking for a bit of sunshine, then you have come to the right place. Be sure to take the Blue Line and hop off at bus stop 8 and soak up the sun rays on South Melbourne beach.

Explore Melbourne in more depth and purchase a 48-hour Hop On Hop Off Ticket. Spread your adventures over 2 days and you will be able to enjoy yourself at a leisurely pace. You will receive great savings so go ahead and buy your 48-hour bus tour ticket now. Enrich your trip and discover more about the culture of Melbourne by booking some extra tours and activities. The Blue Line as its shown in Melbourne Hop On Hop Off map: a Journey to St Kilda: a trip to the beach when you are in Australia is a given. Start your journey off at Federation Square and hop on the Blue Line that will take you straight to St Kilda Marina. Enjoy the fresh breeze and the great seaview from up top as the beach gets closer. Hop off at St Kilda Marina for a nice peaceful walk and make sure you spend some time relaxing and taking in the views from South Melbourne beach at bus stop 8.